Avery is way into rainbows. She loves to draw them, sing about them and looks for them all the time. I’ve tried to explain that you need sun after it rains to see a rainbow, but just in case she looks out into the clear blue sky for them very often.

A's rainbow poem

We found a book called “Planting a Rainbow” by Lois Ehlert that we really enjoyed.  It’s written in poem format. Avery wrote her own poem about colors called Rainbows.

Each kid made a rainbow garden too. I cut out a bunch of colorful shapes; hearts, circles, squares… and let them “build” their own garden. The finished results was great. They were all different, that’s for sure.

Lukas's bouquet- he got creative.

Evan's Art. He likes glue!!
Joey's artwork.
Other books we read about rainbows

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