Avery & Stacy

Avery & Stacy

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I went to IHOP this morning with my friend Stacy from Fresno. It was an interesting morning to say the least…
While we were at breakfast some random (middle- aged) guy came over to us and said, “Hope you two have a beautiful day, and you are a beautiful woman,” referring to Stacy! Little creepy.

Then when we were, for the most part, done eating, a lady comes over and “has to see the baby.” She asked me, boy or girl. Granted Avery was wearing a light blue sweatshirt, but she was also wearing a pink skirt and denim shoes with pink laces. Oh, and she had a pink blankie with her. I ask you, who gives there son a pink blankie to snuggle with in public- maybe Stryker?
Well, I knew her from Swim Camp at VC. She is a real talkie talkie lady. She showed me pictures of her kids, and their girl or boyfriends… TMI.
Then on her way out, I saw her stop at another table to show some other people the same pictures. Her daughter was mortified. She kept trying to get her mom to leave… I doubt her mom even heard her, she just kept talking!
Never a dull moment at IHOP on Victoria!

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  1. no way! i’m super paranoid that, with an older sister, quinn will be seen using pink or purple stuff. as a result, i don’t let anything pink or purple come near the boy if joey isn’t right there with him.

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