Hearts & Kisses Day

Valentines Day is coming up soon. Pink, red & purple are Avery’s favorite colors (at the moment)- great timing!

Avery had a few get-togethers she needed to make Valentines for. Since we aren’t going to be here for Valentines Day, I tried to make it simple- KISS.

Avery had 18 Valentines to make for school. We made some labels to put on her candy. She told me what to write and I typed it in. She then, put the labels on the boxes of candy and added a sticker to them. Sure beat having her write her name 18 times!!


Avery picked out the fun paper to make some hearts for her teachers. They turned out cute. She decorated the paper lunch bags too.

The hanging hearts we made!!
The bag she made for her teachers for V Day

We went to a Valentine craft party and brought 5 Valentines there. We had some left over Valentines from last year that we needed to use up. Avery picked up some heart pencils & stickers to hand out too.

Then we had a Valentine Tea Party (girls only!). Avery found some heart shaped lollipops that she really wanted to share with her friends. I figured this was the place to do it. She loved passing them out to her girl friends.
PS The tea party was so cute! They made heart shaped pizzas!!


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