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Ventura County Fair

Tonight I went to the fair with a few friends. we actually went to see Brad Paisley! It was awesome! I had a great time. The food ws good to… corn!!!
No, Dan was not there- he had to work on computer geek stuff!

What I Learned in S.F.

San Franciscans do not listen- a few times we were in a situation that proved this point. We were ordering lunch;
Dan: Can I replace the french fries for mashed potatoes?
Woman: OK, extra order of mashed potatoes. (She is punching into the machine)
Dan: No, no can I REPLACE the fries for the mashed potatoes?
Woman: Ahhh, yes, OK!
Dan: Thank you!
We were in a Chachki Store;
Dan: How much is a bottle of water?
Man: Which one? (reaching into cooler)
Dan: The large one…
Man: Ok, two bottles of water- $2.50 each…
Dan: Actually we only want one…
Man: Oh, I see…
I am not sure if the people we ran into did not speak English very well, or if they were is just a big hurry! Who knows- but we made them slow down & LISTEN!

There are A LOT of homeless people in San Francisco…
We were surprised as to how many homeless people there were. San Francisco is SO large that you would think there would be places for them to go, get help and so on- but I guess you need to want the help the actually receive it!
* We saw only one grocery store! Where do these people shop?
* Public transportation rocks! It was a bit expensive but it was clean, there were people to ask which way to go, it was laid out well, there were maps everywhere…
* The streets were clean. There were trash cans at just about every corner! There was hardly any trash at all!
* The stop lights were fast. When the light turned from yellow to red, the walk sign turned to tell pedestrians to walk. There was no lapse time.
* Drivers LOVE to honk. The honkers, we decided, were all locals, and the people being honked at were tourists! The tourists like to watch what’s going on and look at the stores and stuff, while the locals have a place to go- so get out of there way! The locals have NO patience and love to honk at the tourists who aren’t paying attention- just like in the stores- the tourists want to waste time and look at everything while the locals want to buy there stuff and get out!

Driving Home

We slept in a bit! We were still SO SO SOAR, maybe even worse than yesterday! We drove away from San Francisco at about 11:00…

We decided to take the 101 all the way home. We only stopped once- in Salinas, since it is the last place to stop for miles and miles! We stopped for dinner in Santa Barbara. We had to walk to the restaurant and it was PAINFUL! I look like a handicapped old woman who needs a hip replacement, Dan just wobbles a little bit, but he is definitely faster than me!
Now we have to unpack our car, wash clothes- all the fun stuff you get to do at the end of a vacation! Not too fun!

First Day in San Francisco

Today was an eventful day! We had a BIG breakfast close to the hotel. Then we had to walk to Marshall’s so I could buy a belt for the new jeans I got yesterday- on account it is so COLD! We decided to take the “One Hour Hop On/Off Trolley Tour.”

We started our tour at Union Square, the trolley took us to Pier 39. We spent a few hours there, visiting the stores, we saw a freaky magician guy. He did some tricks, then jammed a four inch nail in his nose and walked on glass! What a nut. We got back on the trolley which took us to Ghirardelli Square. There were a bunch of shops and restaurants. We found a place called, “Frijts Frites” a Belgian frites place- they weren’t that great or authentic. We of coarse had a sundae from the Soda Shop! We split one this time. Then we got back on the trolley that took us back to Union Square. We walked back to the hotel and I took a nap. Dan walked to the Mac store to “fix” his computer- I think he just wanted to play on it some more! After my “beauty sleep” I met Dan and we walked around some more and had dinner at a Sport’s Bar, after a short walk he had yet another Ghirardelli Sunday- but only one scoopers this time!

Driving to San Francisco

Today, we drove from Monterey to San Francisco. We started out by having breakfast in a French Bakery Restaraunt, the visiting Dennis the Menace Park then driving “Seventeen Mile Drive.”

17 Mile Drive was OK. We stopped a lot, taking pictures and video footage. Then we drove to Santa Cruz via Highway 1 and visited the boardwalk. That was an experience. We ate SO much crap… we felt ill. Finally we began the last part of our journey to San Francisco. We got a little lost, but finally we arrived at the correct hotel! After dinner and a walk around Union Square we retired for the evening! What a day…

Another Year Older

Well, it’s my birthday- that’s another year gone by! Dan and I are in Monterey for the night.
We drove up today stopping at Corrale’s for breakfast, Arroyo Grande, Hearst’s Castle, the Elephant Seals on Highway 1 (we saw 2 males fighting!) and finally we visited Cannery Row in Monterey. It has been a FULL day. Oh, and we had dessert at Girhardelli’s. (sp?)
We are currently sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency, both of us on our lap tops- we are such DORKS! At least we have each other!

Life's too short to wear white socks. I only wear crazysox.