Calling 911

This morning I was awaken by a crash at 8am! I ran to the window to see a car crashed into a parked car. I called 911 and went out to check on the driver. He was fine, walking around.
Our front door faces Ramelli- a busy street, used as an access to get to the freeway, so people go VERY FAST. This guy was going fast as well, he looked down to get something swerved and CRASH! He was going so fast that he can into a parked car (totalled it), that car in turn smashed into another car and another car. The driver is responsible for a total of 6 cars including his! The last two cars to get hit had their front wheels hiked up on the curb! It is now 11:15 and the two cars that were totalled are finally being towed away!
Drama in Todd Ranch!

Another Accent Story

Ok, so I have another story about “O” and his french accent. We went to swimming lessons the other day and “O” is in the same class as one of “my kids.” After the class “my kid” told me that the instructor had a problem understanding “O” because of his french accent and he (my kid) had to “translate” for him! Kids are so weird sometimes!

A French Accent

I have been picking up these two kids after school and hanging with them till their parents get home. There is a family across the street with 4 kids, the two youngest are the same age as “my kids,” second and fourth grade. The mom of the family across the street, Anne, is from France. She definately has an accent! Before I met her kids “my kids” told me that the fourth grader, we’ll call him “O” had a french accent, but none of the other three kids did. I thought this was weird, but well, who knows! I met “O” a few days later, I listened for a french accent… I listened really hard… he has a speech impediment- he can’t roll his r’s!! I thought this was hilarious! The funniest part is, they they really think “O” has a french accent! He sounds nothing like his mom, who really does have an accent. I asked “my kid’s” mom about it, and she laughed, she knew all about it and has tried to explain to them that he has a problem pronouncing his r’s, but they can’t comprehend this!

Ventura County Fair

OLD POST that Dan found and posted

Dan and I went to the fair this afternoon. it was so hot! We wlaked around for a while, then ate some AWESOME fair food. There were so many stinkin’ people there. It was the last day of the fair.

Here is a picture of us from the fair.


New Movie & Theatre

Dan and I went to see the movie “Garden State.” It was written & produced by Zach Braff, oh, he starred in it too. He is the guy with the dark hair from “Scrubs” on NBC. Natalie Portman was also in it. She was great! We enjoyed it a lot. There were some real “laugh out loud” moments- they were even somewhat realistic!
We saw the movie at “Arc —” in LA. It was a very cool theatre. It had a “gift shop” with t-shirts, post cards and movie stuff and a real restaurant. The bathrooms were state of the art- gorgeous. It even had assigned seating, with A LOT of leg room and wide seats- the theatre that is.
It was expensive though- $11 per person! YIKES!
It was definatly a different experience than going to Century or Edwards!

“Weird” Names

I am inputing Kendall’s Mailing List into a database and man there are some weird names out there. By weird, I mean different- not necessarily in a bad way! Please don’t take offense if you know anyone with these names!
Bridgit Dies (hope not!)
Katie Hoare (I wonder if the family got this name when last names were your job…)
Krichele (first name)
Terah & Terrah (as opposed to Tara)
Brielle (first name-sounds like blind laundry soap)
Golightly (last name)
Funderblunk (last name- do I need to comment?)
Sisters; Candy & Neslie Fudge (what were their parents thinking?)
I am sure I will come across more names soon!

Water Day

The last day before school starts! The boys got it in their heads that they wanted to go to the water park at Lake Casitas or Hurricane Harbor. H.H. was out of the question- even their mom said so! I told them I thought that the Lake Casitas park was mostly for younger kids but, they still wanted to go. We bought our tickets early and headed over to Libbey Park to waster time. That was fun, but it got HOT!
I didn’t think that we would stay all day at the water park, but we did! We had to leave at 3 because of soccer practice at 4! They even found some friends froms school later in the afternoon.
After all that I met Dan at VC to workout- in the pool!

The Movies

Today the kids wanted to see a movie, so I checked out the listings in the paper. There are no movies out that boys would want to see- except for “Yu Gi Oh!” Yes, we went and saw this movie. It was absolutly horrible. Sadly, I only slept for a short time- too bad. Even the boys got a fidgity by the end! I never really knew much about Yu Gi Oh but I have decided that it is Dungeons & Dragons for kids! YUCK! We’ll see what were up to tomorrow!!

New Closet

Since I don’t have a job, today I began the project of “building” a new closet. Should be fairly easy, rite? The picture on the box has a middle aged woman putting it together. Yeah rite! Today all I got done was clearing the closet out, taking out the old shelf and bar and cleaning it all up. Tomorrow I have to putty the holes up, primer and paint it all! Maybe by the end of the week there will actually be a new closet! We’ll see!

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