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  • Ventura County Fair

    Tonight I went to the fair with a few friends. we actually went to see Brad Paisley! It was awesome! I had a great time. The food ws good to… corn!!! No, Dan was not there- he had to work on computer geek stuff!

  • What I Learned in S.F.

    San Franciscans do not listen- a few times we were in a situation that proved this point. We were ordering lunch; Dan: Can I replace the french fries for mashed potatoes? Woman: OK, extra order of mashed potatoes. (She is punching into the machine) Dan: No, no can I REPLACE the fries for the mashed […]

  • Driving Home

    We slept in a bit! We were still SO SO SOAR, maybe even worse than yesterday! We drove away from San Francisco at about 11:00… We decided to take the 101 all the way home. We only stopped once- in Salinas, since it is the last place to stop for miles and miles! We stopped […]

  • First Day in San Francisco

    Today was an eventful day! We had a BIG breakfast close to the hotel. Then we had to walk to Marshall’s so I could buy a belt for the new jeans I got yesterday- on account it is so COLD! We decided to take the “One Hour Hop On/Off Trolley Tour.” We started our tour […]

  • Driving to San Francisco

    Today, we drove from Monterey to San Francisco. We started out by having breakfast in a French Bakery Restaraunt, the visiting Dennis the Menace Park then driving “Seventeen Mile Drive.” 17 Mile Drive was OK. We stopped a lot, taking pictures and video footage. Then we drove to Santa Cruz via Highway 1 and visited […]

  • Another Year Older

    Well, it’s my birthday- that’s another year gone by! Dan and I are in Monterey for the night. We drove up today stopping at Corrale’s for breakfast, Arroyo Grande, Hearst’s Castle, the Elephant Seals on Highway 1 (we saw 2 males fighting!) and finally we visited Cannery Row in Monterey. It has been a FULL […]