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  • lost…

    While on our trip Avery got to pick out a new cover for her iPod touch. We had it mailed home since we weren’t sure it would get it Boise in time before we left. Avery was disappointed when it wasn’t waiting for her when we got home. It was with our stopped mail, so […]

  • sweet glasses

    Sawyer has always liked Avery’s fashion glasses and has asked a few times for his own pair. Avery’s glasses have all been purple, pink and blue. Way too girly for my boy. My sister searched and found a small pair of plain black glasses for him. He was really excited when he pulled them out […]

  • skischule

    We took off one afternoon to take the kids skiing. Avery took a lesson two years ago and Sawyer had never been on skis. We thought he’d be pretty good at it since he can ice skate & roller skate. We were right. They both did awesome! We decided to put them both in a […]

  • tuh-bing

    Tubbing- pronounced “toob-ing” although in English it should be pronounced “tuh-bing.” The english language!! It was a beautiful day- sunny with no wind. We were excited to get there and speed down the hill. Last year we weren’t able to go tubbing since there was no snow. We were all set at the top of […]

  • new day, new year

    We celebrated New Years Eve by hanging out. I made peanut butter chocolate chip brownies with chocolate and peanut butter frosting (very rich), Dan helped my dad on his computer. Sawyer went to bed at a decent time. Avery went to bed around 9, but we got her up at 11:30 to ring in the […]

  • More Thanksgiving

    Day 1- We ate breakfast in The Grand Californian Hotel. Big buffet and lots of characters. It was really fun to have the characters visit our table and “talk” to us. Not sure how they decide which characters come out since they seem so random. After breakfast we were all super excited to go to […]

  • thanksgiving- part 1

    I don’t want to say we are “anti Thanksgiving” we just don’t “do” the whole turkey dinner thing. We’ve decided to take off during Thanksgiving and get out of town. Last year we went to Vegas because my parents and sister were already there. This year we decided on Disneyland & California Adventure for four […]

  • date with my son

    Dan and I make a point to spend one-on-one time with each kid at least once a month. Sawyer’s in school only 3 mornings a week, so we get 2 days while Avery’s in school and 3 short afternoons together till we pick up Avery. Since we get a lot of time together I don’t […]

  • summer book

    Took me a while, but I finally made a book for summer 2012. Click here to view this photo book larger You’ll love Shutterflys award-winning photo books. Try it today.

  • award

    At Avery’s school every month three kids from each class get awarded “The Principal’s Handshake.” By the end of the year every kid will end up receiving this award. I feel that the award isn’t exactly earned, since every kid gets one. Avery was very excited to report that she got “Principal’s Handshake” for the […]