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los colores

dia de blanca- she said "I'm the whitest girl here!" LOL!!

dia de rosita

dia de gris

Avery’s class (& the other 2 kinder classes) did a series on colors. I call it a series because it lasted 3 weeks. Everyday the teachers asked the kids to wear a specific color and they had a snack that correlated with the color- Avery brought in pink lemonade (limonda rosita). She loves themes, so this was a great way for her to learn her colors in Spanish.

Here are a few pictures of her in her “color” of the day outfits. Her poses changed from day to day. She is a character!

dia de negra

They read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” (in Spanish) everyday, which she now has memorized, and did activities with the color of the day. She brought something home everyday that she’d made about the color. This was helpful to us, so we could talk about the color more at home. She made a book to take home at the end of the three weeks. She read it to Sawyer as soon as we got home- he wasn’t interested at all though.

I am happy to report that Avery now knows all her colors in Spanish, her numbers up to 30, her teacher’s name, the principal’s name & school name. She can recite the classroom rules and knows a few songs in Spanish.


Avery participated in her first jog-a-thon at school last week. She collected her money- thank you Gram and Grampy, and ran for 15 minutes around the cones.

She had a lot of fun running, skipping, jumping with her friends around the cones. She said the best part was the orange popsicle she got afterwards.

first pageant

Yes, a pageant. Avery entered the local talent search/ pageant. It was a lot of fun.

Before the competition began

There were 8 girls in the Little Miss division, girls ages 4 & 5. She won best personality and most photogenic. Out of all the categories, these are the best two to win in- IMO. She was so excited, she got a mini crown, a medal and a trophy. FYI- she was the only who didn’t have a “real” costume on (I made hers), didn’t have her hair professionally done or her makeup professionally done. She was the most “normal” looking one! No spray tan either, LOL!

Most Photogenic & Best Personality

She also entered the talent portion of the competition. She sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” with a cheerleader outfit on. She looked so stinkin’ cute. There were 4 girls in her category. Video of Avery singing. SHe almost for got ALL her dance moves, but she still did really well and best of all had fun doing it.

First Day of School

The first day of school… exciting time.

Surprisingly Avery got up without too much coaxing on my part, I think she was excited. She got up, got dressed, brushed her teeth and headed downstairs. I did her hair, gave her her vitamins and we were out the door! Thankfully we didn’t have to take Sawyer with us, that would have added a whole other element to the equation.

Her new school

She decided she wanted to try eating breakfast at school, they were serving eggs, sausage, fruit, cereal and milk. She ate the sausage and the cereal (with milk on it- shock) and drank the milk. She was frustrated because all they had was a spork and it was hard to eat the cereal with a spork.

She remembered where her classroom was, and directed me there. She hung up her backpack and was ready. She went right into the class, found her name tag. There were 4 centers to choose from; coloring, play dough, puzzles and tangrams. She went right to the coloring table, when she was done she even put the paper in her cubbie. Then she went to check out the tangrams. She wanted me to leave… I stayed! OK, I finally left… but it was sad. I kept it together till I got home.


When Dan and I went to pick her up, she was all smiles- thankfully!! She was stoked that Dan was there to pick her up. She had a great day and was excited to come back. She said that her teacher only spoke Spanish (yeah!), they sang a few songs and made a book. I was just glad she wanted to go back!