VC Pool Got Poop

Someone pooped in the VC pool this afternoon at 5pm. That is when the whole day of swim lessons is over. So the pool will be closed tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of the session- the day the kids get to jump off the diving boards and stuff. Since this happened at the end of the day there is no way to let all the parents know that the pool will be closed. CRAP! That means that on Tuesday there will be about 50 messages from all the irate parents who drove all the way to pool to find it closed. Even worse there is no way we can have a make-up day since it’s the end of the session, so we’ll be handing out free weekend swim passes. Believe me this will not make these parents happy. I just have to smile and listen to their whining. How fun!

Please put a swim diaper when going to a pool. Even if your kid is embarassed by wearing one, it’s better than closing the pool down and inconveniencing a lot of people. Not to mention it could be very dangerous if ingested by someone- chlorine can only do so much. By swim diaper I mean a special one that is made for the water- the ones that are disposable, not the ones you can wash and reuse, they don;t hold in the pool very well and don’t hold the pee in at all.

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  1. yuck, sorry you have to deal with irate parents. it’s not like it’s your fault!

    i doubt the disposable ones hold in pee since they get wet under them, wetness could easily escape too. what about infant poop? that stuff leaks out of regular diapers all the time…would the disposable swimmers even begin to hold that in?

  2. Well, the Red Cross suggests not to go swimming till babies are 6 months old. By then most babies are on some “solid” foods so their poop is more “solid” as well. When we took Avery swimming she pooped in the water diaper and it did not come out. We would have noticed it in the water since it is florescent yellow.
    The weird thing is there wasn’t even a water babies class going on at the time so, it had to have been a kid that was three or older.

  3. There were 41 messages on the machine Monday morning. Most were about the closures, asking about how we would compensate them. If the people were to listen to the message on the machine they would know! Today I had a lady yell at me about the closure. Her daughter was “distraught” when she came to the pool on Thursday and found out it was closed. The suggestion this mother gave me was to call the swimmers and let them know about the closures. There were 548 “campers” that session, and the only place the phone numbers are kept is on one computer. Her next suggestion to give each teacher 40 names to have them call from home! I would have to write down all the numbers for the teachers to take home! Not solutions to our communication problem.
    She had one more suggestion. The teachers could have hung out at the front of the pool to hand out the candy bags and let the kids know about the closure. Could you imagine standing there from 9 to 5 giving out candy bags to “distraught” kids?

  4. Maybe they should have put their e-mail addresses on the signup list. Or even better, next time give them a paper at the beginning of the class that says

    Dear parents,

    Please check the ‘Poop-Watch’ section of our website nightly, so that you will know whether to bring your kids for lessons the next day. Or better yet, TEACH YOUR KIDS TO USE THE TOILETS!

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