Imagination Movers

Avery (& Dan) were invited to go see Imagination Movers in Thousand Oaks today. Avery wasn’t overally excited about going to see them on stage. I don’t think she completely understood what was going to happen. She was excited to go with Quinn (& Nathan) on this adventure.

Well, she did have fun!! She jumped and danced a lot. She now wants to out their music on her iPod… crazy girl.

Imagination Movers
Imagination Movers

She told me she wouldn’t mind getting an blue outfit like the Imagination Movers wear.

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  1. She had a blast. Too bad she got a little tired at the end but when I carried her while we danced on the last song she pepped up.

    What’s funny is I had to drag her to take a picture with these guys. I’m not sure if she’s nervous or what — star struck ? 🙂

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