Let the Countdown Begin…

Today is December first. We have started the countdown to Jesus’ birthday.

Today our card said “paint an ornament for someone special.” Picking out the ornament was easy, figuring out who to give to was hard. She chose to paint a snowman. Who knows… you may get it as a gift from Avery!!

PS Avery and Sawyer each got fancy chocolate advent calendars at Thanksgiving from a friend. Since Sawyer doesn’t eat chocolate yet, Dan & I have to eat it!!

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  1. […] Last year we did an activity during the 25 days leading up to Christmas day. It wasn’t necessarily a “giving” activity, but something to make our own traditions.  This takes a lot of planning, I’ve already begun for this year. December first is right around the corner! I learned last year that what works and what doesn’t. So I made a few changes. […]

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