Tis the Season

We decided to do the advent calendar a little different this year. We decided to make it more of a family activity and want to “give back” instead if eating a piece of candy counting down to Jesus’ Birthday.

Each morning  we’ll open up a paper with something to “do” on it instead of a piece of chocolate. Hopefully we’ll be able to pull it off… 24 days of  “activities”will be fun!!

PS If you have any ideas feel free to suggest them, I need 3 more!!

One response to “Tis the Season”

  1. we most be on the same page…I decided to ditch the candy this year too..really wanna start some more traditions for Christmas…did a bunch of looking online for different views and came up with the same sort of thing….we are doing the typical, making an ornament, donating food, a present, write a letter to santa, bake cookies…some churchy stuff and some regualr ol’ christmas stuff…kind of nice too that if I already have something planned just stick the note on that day..kids really like it hus far…I made paper boxes that hang on garland…it’s work 🙂

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