carving & painting

We finally carved our pumpkins on October 30th- better late than never. Avery and I cleaned the pumpkin out- really it was all me, since Avery wouldn’t even come near the “goop.” Avery drew the face she wanted to have cut and Dan cut it out.

Our pumpkins all aglow
Our pumpkins all aglow

Avery painted her little pumpkin that she got from her school trip to the pumpkin patch.

Averys pumpkin
Avery's pumpkin

She wrote the “boo” on there without us even knowing it. Great idea…

Averys pumpkin painting
Avery's pumpkin painting

I decided to paint my pumpkin.

I copied Avery...
I copied Avery…
my spooky pumpkin
my spooky pumpkin

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