Craft Corner Death Match

I randomly got to see a new show on Sunday afternoon. It is called “Craft Corner Death Match,” on Style. The title obviously caught my eye… so I decided to watch it.
The studio is set up like the show where the remoste control cars destroy each other. There are two contestants with their own cheering section of about 20 people. Each contestant had their own craft table. The first round they had 10 minutes to make something new out of old gaudy jewelry. They were judged on creativity anf usefulness. There were three judges that had something to do with crafts and fashion. The judges gave each person a 1 to 10 rating on their finished product. The second round was awesome. They had 10 minutes to make a notebook out of whatever was around the room. They had cereal boxes, shoe laces, hole punches, stickers, hotglue gun, sequence… anythin you can think of. At the end they were judged again and one person moved on to the “lightening round” against the “Queen of Crafts.” I’m not sure who she really was- she had a lot of experience with crafts. The last round was the best. They had 10 minutes to make a purse out of a bunch of lawn stuff. They had astro turf, a lawn char, a rubber hose and of coarse the regular craft stuff needed. This time the judges weren’t allowed to watch them make the craft. The purses both came out great. The judges liked the regular woman’s purse better so she won. The “Queen” lost and I she looked pissed.
Whoever came up with the concept for this show is a genious. I love it.

8 responses to “Craft Corner Death Match”

  1. I think the “death” part is when you lose.
    The baby- well,, she is just to comfy in there.

  2. Yeah, I would be disappointed because I would be waiting for the to engage in battle, using the crafts as weapons, once they are finished. Maybe they could do that part in claymation.

  3. How embarrassed would you be if you lost in a craft show. That would be death in the crafters world… I don’t know how you would be able to show your face at Michael’s or JoAnn’s again!

  4. Well I’ve seen it and I love it but what time or day? I see it randomly every now and then!

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