warm milk?

To the moms & dads who warm up their kids milk:

When did you start doing this? How old are our kids now? When are you going to stop? What happens when you are out- at a restaurant or friends house? No milk since it’s cold?

I honestly had never heard of such a thing or even thought about heating up my kids milk, unless we were making hot chocolate. 

Do they like warm water too? j/k

5 responses to “warm milk?”

  1. Don't do it! My sister in law did that for her son and she had to stop and warm his milk EVERYWHERE until he was like 3 or 4 years old!! I think that is ridiculous. I think parents tend to give their kids warm milk since as babies breast milk and infant bottles are warmed. When my kids were weaned they didn't like cold milk at first but I just kept giving it to them and eventually they took it. The old theory of "if they are truly thirsty they will drink." Also it helps to start with cold milk in the summer when it is actually refreshing.

  2. I never even warmed Johanna's bottles of formula. She got them straight out of the fridge in the middle of the night because I pre made them before bed for less hassle.

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