food- give it up

I’ve been trying to introduce rice cereal to Sawyer. The doctor said as early as 4 months but by 6 months. So when we got back from our trip to the cold, and we got back on somewhat of a routine I gave him some cereal. I was prepared- bib, spoon for him to hold, bowl, rice cereal and spoon to feed him with. Avery took to the cereal the first time so he should too, right?

Yeah right! I tried every other day and he didn’t make any progress in the “solid” foods department. A few moms suggested trying veggies first, but I don’t think it’s the flavor (if there is any) it’s that he doesn’t know what to do with the stuff. He gags on it and if some does get down his gullet, he seems to regurgitate it anyways! 

Sawyer and the cereal

HERE is his new thing- all day long. We thought the drooling was bad before, then he began on the raspberries!

He’ll be 6 months in two weeks and I don’t see any progress with this food stuff. One mom told me her son wasn’t interested in food till 8 or 9 months! Sawyer, mama is ready to go out for more than an hour at a time- eat up son!!

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  1. I think Michele's kids never had baby food. Straight to the real stuff. Good luck!

  2. Levi never ate baby food either….and he's fine!
    Same kind of thing..just wouldn't take it down like he didn't understand what to do….I do remember that at like 9 months…with teeth and all…the doc gave me the ok to do table food…and that went really well and he would eat anything…I think it was more of a texture thing for him…he still hates oatmeally like stuff to this day….

  3. That is TOO funny!! Love the video! Tell people to make sure to have the sound on though to get the full effect! 🙂 Grace didn't eat baby food either. I used to puree meat and veggies and put it in pancake batter and give her little pancakes she could hold and chew on as she wanted. MUCH easier. Plus they freeze so I could just pull them out as I needed! 🙂

  4. Allison- Definitely a texture thing.
    Jeni- adding the food to pancakes is a good idea. I have never heard of that, I will try it later on.
    He is eating the cereal now. Not gobbling it up, but eating it. I plan on starting some peas next week- whenever I get around to making them!

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