So I am back at it. I am in a biggest loser competition. I need to lose all this “baby fat.” I am tired of looking at all those clothes in my closet collecting dust.  

It has been one week  and so far so good. I haven’t been able to work out yet (Dan, set up the Wii again please!) but I have been pretty good with food. I haven’t bent yet! My “problem” area is sweets. I loves me some desserts!! I am counting calories and trying to drink a lot of water. Any great recipes or advice- bring it, please!

I haven’t had any soda- just water and bubble water. 

We weigh in every other week- so no weigh in this week. I hope to have positive info next Wed evening…

There are 28 people in this comp.  Men & women, winner is by percentage lost not pounds lost.

1st place $350

2nd place $150

3rd place $60

5 responses to “loser”

  1. You are going to do great. You have great will power. My advice on food: Keep everything real food. Cut out anything processed: 100 calorie packs are not good for you. Eat nuts when you want to munch. Sugar Free puddings are good for sweet cravings. Stay strong and win that Cassh!

  2. Nuts: Almonds are great but any kind will do ass long as you don't eat the whole container. I'm following the Zone right now and very small amounts meet the fat requirements. Enough fat for a regular meal is about 9 almonds. So, be careful. Sunflower seeds is way less so you might want to stay away from those, cuz who can only eat a teaspoon of them? Really.

  3. Hi. I'm up with my burning foot. Good luck with the losing. I'm sure you will ACE it. Moderation! Bud is coming up while I'm losing weight on the 6th of Feb. Love, Dad

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