Tradition… tradition!

Someone asked me what traditions we have at Christmas time… got me thinking. What do we do every year that would considered a “tradition.”

* Sadly, I am blanking!

What family traditions do you keep in your family for the holiday?

6 responses to “Tradition… tradition!”

  1. Reading “The Gift of the Maji” by o. Henry on Christmas Eve. How about Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning?

  2. We had a tradition of opening one present the night before christmas and christmas eve we would have hot coco and watch all the old christmas cartoons.

  3. We usually give the kids new jammies on Christmas eve and have mexican food…Tamales, YUM!

    There must be more…not sure, we are still creating them.

  4. How could you forget “The Gift of the Magi” and cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, in addition to each opening one gift on Christmas Eve? We’ve gone tubing every year (hopefully there will be enough snow this year). See you soon!!

  5. Yes, those are things the Talbutt’s do, but we need to have “Cameron Family” traditions too. Working on it…

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