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We checked out a kids book and tape from the library for Avery to enjoy. She was excited, so when we got home she took it all out and… the tape was broken!! The ribbon wasn’t attached, there was no way to play the tape!! So, when we went to return the books we had checked out, I kept the tape & book out to show the librarian. I explained that we didn’t even put the tape into the machine… we had to pay for the book & tape! At first the computer said it was worth $22, so I told them to forget it, I won’t return it and you can charge me $6- the most they charge for a lost or overdue book. She was nice enough to only charge us $5!

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  1. I think Cynthia had the right idea. You should have just said, “OK, nevermind. Since it’s obvious you guys don’t check them when they’re returned, I’ll just come back later and return it before the due date, just like the person before me did.”

    Then (if you felt nice) you could go back later, once they put it back on the shelf, and toss it in the trash in the library so no one else gets stuck with it.

    Which library was this, BTW?

  2. I wanted to just walk out this stuff and return it to the drive thru book drop on my way out. This was at HP Wright Library, the one by VC on Day Road.
    I was pretty irritated about having to pay. I am glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Now we all know- just return the broken item without telling them it’s broken. Otherwise you get screwed!!

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