Marshall’s Bodacious BBQ

Dan and I went out to dinner tonight. We decided to try a new place. Dan had seen a commercial for a place called “Marshall’s Bodacious BBQ.” It is on the street that is parallel to the 101 between Johnson and Victoria. So it’s in a weird place, where car repair shops and truckers fill up!
This place was really good. They cook all the meat (tri tip, sausage, burgers…) and the garlic bread outside on a huge grill- and not until you order it (very fresh). Dan got a meal, which was HUGE; salad, garlic bread, tri tip, sausage, baked beans and potato salad. I just got a tri tip sandwich. There was a lot left over.
Try it out!

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  1. We’ve been there. I think only once, but I dug the place. Leonardo heard about it at work…… It’s amazing how many restaurants are out there that aren’t so mainstream, but good. You think you’ve gone everywhere and then….

  2. Marshall’s Bodacious BBQ also does fantastic catering.
    He caters for my company’s beach clean up bbq every year.
    Everyone raves about him and they always look forward to the next year’s event.

  3. Is this firm affiliated with Bodacious BarB Q in Marshall and Longview Texas? They are no less than institutions there. I would appreciaate a reply. We plan to try you anyway.

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