2 months

Sawyer is now 2 months old! He is waking just once at night (between 4 and 5) and then back to sleep till about 7:30. He still fights sleep- he gets over tired and fights going to sleep, cries and gets even more tired!

2 months old
2 months old

He still has big bug eyes, blue- hope he keeps those. Avery likes when he sits in the bumbo so she can read him a book. He is so interested in that!! She still wants him to sit with her and wants him to “do stuff” with her- like go on the wings at the park.

Overall he is a pretty good baby- he eats, sleeps and poops! He is smiling more now, which is fun.

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  1. HOW, oh HOW did you get him to sleep through the night? We’re still on the 2 1/2 hour schedule of a newborn! Is this a Babywise thing?! UGH- I am so jealous I could spit!

  2. Not through the night just yet. When he goes to 7 without waking up at night, that’ll be through the night. I feed him at 10pm, then let him sleep till he wakes up. How long is PJ awake between feedings?

  3. I feed him at 10:30, then at 1:30, and 4:30, and 7:30. He is a feeding machine!! He weighs 13.5 pounds though, so I guess he needs the energy.
    What’s your secret? Or are you one of those mamas with a fantastic baby?….again….JEALOUS!

  4. WOW… He is looking so snappy with that hawiian shirt his Aunt got him. He is such a cutie. =o)

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