Back to School Night

Dan and I went to Avery’s “Back to School” night. It was… fun. At first I thought it was really silly to have a back to school night for pre-school since we have to escort the kids into school every day and sign them in and out. We (the parents) see and talk to the teachers every time we go there. But it was good. We got more information about the lessons and all the fun stuff they do. It was good for Dan to go since he doesn’t get to see the classroom and teachers much.

Each kid filled out this paper about themselves (yes, with help) and we were to find our kids paper with just the info provided. There were no names on the front of the papers. This was Avery’s.

I am 3 yers old.

My eyes are blue.

My hair is green.

My favorite color is blue.

My favorite food is macaroni & cheese.

I love my family because, my daddy loves me when he goes bye-bye. My momy kiss me when bring me to school.

Inside the folder there was more;

I feel happy when I give hugs.

I feel sad when babies cry.

I feel angry when someone don’t want to play with me.

I feel afraid of bears, cocodiles and I when I don’t like fruit.

3 responses to “Back to School Night”

  1. I hear ya Avery! There are a lot of fruits I am scared of too!
    Cute little girl, cute little boy- lovely little family!

  2. that’s too cute! I always love to hear why kids love there parents. Last year levi had like a billion things we loved about his dad (all really good) and for me he wrote, she buys me toys…??? I’ll never forget that….

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