Avery got Froggy

Avery is a Hoppy Helper (the green door) at school. The class has a stuffed animal called Hoppy. Each kid gets to take Hoppy home over a weekend to take care of him. At the end of the weekend you write about the adventures you had in a journal and add a few pictures to the picture book. Avery loved having Hoppy, he took the place of her “Baby Panny” for a few days!

Froggy had breakfast with Pierson & Avery
Hoppy had breakfast with Pierson & Avery
Hoppy at the mall
Avery & Hoppy played at the mall
Froggy & Avery visited the library
Hoppy & Avery visited the library

All in all Hoppy was a good frog and Avery was a good frog sitter.

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