Water Colors

Since all the school supplies are on super sale, we stocked up! Crayons, markers, colored pencils and paints- oh my!

Artist at work
Artist at work

Yesterday Avery did water colors for a while. Her first picture she titled “Stars with Stories.”

Stars with Stories
Stars with Stories

If anyone wants an ABC original, please let us know, we have plenty!!

4 responses to “Water Colors”

  1. oh good idea….i should do that for savannah since she’ll be home this year….but i’m sure i’l regret the paints!

  2. Washable watercolors are the best paints to have. The most mess she can make is spilling the water, that is why we were outside! Finger paints and poster paints is where it can get messy! No worries, well have some craft parties too!!

  3. You got it! She’ll paint you one when you are here at the end of the month! See you soon.

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