Class Picture

Avery had her preschool pictures done. It took FOREVER!! By noon (2.5 hours) the photgrapher had only taken pictures of two classes!! I hope the pictures came out and I want to keep them. I did get one of the class while we were waiting.

Hoppe Helpers @ Kids Crorner
Hoppe Helpers @ Kids Crorner

Pretty good for a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds who had been waiting inside all morning for their turn.

3 responses to “Class Picture”

  1. I love that Renee is picking her nose. Hopefully the photographer got one without that. Did she yell at you for taking the picture? She told one of the parents in N3 that they were not allowed to it was against their policy blah blah blah.

  2. Aw how cute! I’m shocked Avery isn’t the tallest. I always think she’s so tall. Are they all 3?

  3. Lisa- I knew to wait till the photographer was gone!
    Martha- Avery is actually the 2nd youngest. Funny thing is the youngest kid (6 weeks younger than Avery) is sitting right in front of her and he is itty bitty!

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