snow play

We drive up the Mt Pinos on Sunday to play in the snow. Avery liked it a lot more that she did at Christmas time. At least she played in it! Avery even tried to make a snow angel she wasn’t in enough snow.

Emma, Levi & Avery (with Kristin’s help) made a great snowman with a face, arms and even hair!

The highlight of the trip was when the kids found a picnic table that was completely covered in the snow. Nate “found” (fell into) a hole that was the space between the table and benches. This led to making tunnels in the snow under the table. Even Avery climed in a few times. More pictures HERE.

One response to “snow play”

  1. Send Avery out here, we’ve TOTALLY got enough snow for her to make a snow angel. She can take it all home with her too…I am SICK of stinkin’ snow!!!
    BTW, she really is a cutie!

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