Avery came in to show me her “sheep.” She actually drew this on her own and called it a sheep. I was cracking up. She then drew a pig, a princess and a boo-boo. The boo-boo was a dot on the magna doodle, just like the dot her foot! Too funny!! We’ll see what she comes up with tomorrow.

3 responses to “artist”

  1. GREAT! Mom and I were very impressed. Mom said she had 4th graders who couldn’t do nearly as well.She is going to send on to July Lam, who is, of course, a collector of Lam/Lamb stuff. Uncle Bud arrived this morning to help Mom while I’m in the hospital next week. What a blessing. Disney sounded great too. Love toall from US (the olds).

  2. I think it looks like a shorn sheep! She is a realist- since it was shaving season last month!

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