The Happiest Place on Earth

We went to California Adventure & Disneyland!! This was Avery’s first trip and she was very excited to go. She had no idea what she was in for- she thought we were going to the “Mickey Store” at the mall! She loved the rides and the parades the best. We didn’t see too many characters, but we did get to sit with Santa.

Avery went on her first real roller coaster. She screamed the whole time, and when it was over, immediately asked to do it again!

We stayed at the resort. While being very pricey, was very worth it with a kid who still naps. We didn’t use our car at all,  we didn’t have to fight the parking lot crowds or walk very far to get back to our room. We walked right into California Adventure.

Many people told us that Cal. Adventure wasn’t realy worth going to, to just skip it. We spent an entire day there. There was plenty for us to do- Bugs Life, shows (Play House Disney), and a lot other rides too. We stayed till they closed at 9!


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  1. I like CA too….though the kids didn’t like the bug life…it was sooooo loud. But the kid ride area was great. Did you go on the ferris wheel thing over the water….we had both kids inside and james and I were freaking out….and the kids just sat there. I can’t wait to return…savannah was a little too young to really enjoy the princesses…we should goes a big group some time…..that’s howmy parents took us.

  2. count us in on the big group someday. we are going sunday, kinda funny that so many people we know went within a few weeks of when we’re going…

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