My dad called me today. They live in Boise, Idaho, you know- wilderness. He started out by telling me there had been an emergency. I was a bit freaked out, what happened? Well, at 3 o’clock in the morning my sister woke and began to scream. She smelled a skunk and could hear something under her bed! I would have screamed too! Well, it was the dog Maizie, that had been sprayed by a skunk and was under the bed trying to clean herself. My dad got the dog into the garage but my sister’s room STUNK! They had to call a special “cleaning” company to try to get the carpet smelling okay. She had to strip her bed, and clean the sheets and stuff multiple times. She threw her pillows away, and they aren’t sure about the mattress yet. My dad thinks they will have to get new carpet in there too! They called the vet and are trying to get the dog unstinky. Glad we don’t have a dog- I’ll be keeping my kittty inside tonight!

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  1. :roll:Maizi gets shaved on Friday, the first time I could get her in to the groomer!

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