Pet Peeves

We all have them- little things drive us crazy!

* People who put sunscreen on themselves or their kids minutes (or even seconds) before getting into the water. Do you not see the sunscreen pool around you after you jump in? Read the directions- apply 20 minutes before entering the water.

* In the “mommy & me” swim class, the moms who don’t want to get wet! Watch out, you are in a POOL, you might get splashed a few times!!

* People (mostly men…hmmm) who don’t use turn signals. They were put on a car to be used. Granted, I use them ALL the time, even when it’s obvious I will be turning- I am in a turn lane, but still, some people never use them! I think it may even be the law in CA.

*  People who comment on how “skinny” you look. What did you do? Well, let’s see, I eat ice cream every night and every morning I eat at least 3 donuts and down them with whole FATTY milk! What do you think I do? I move my A$$!

* Moms who complain about not having “me time.” Was it not your choice to have kid(s) with the man you did? Should have waited for a “real” man like I did. I get plenty of me time, and they (dad and kids) get some quality time. A lady told me I was SO lucky to have a husband who wants to take his daughter out to lunch, to the park, the movies- I was thinking, “well duh! I wouldn’t have married a man who wouldn’t want to do that stuff… Too bad you didn’t!”

The list goes on and on…

Yes, you can comment on mine, but I want to hear yours too! I know I have heard a few already!

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  1. Ok…

    I do the sunscreen thing. Sorry. But I forget. Give me a break I have 3 kids to get ready. 🙂

    On the “me time” thing, you’re not lucky, you’re smart. I mean I bet if you looked at what happened with that couple before kids- I”m guessing it wasn’t a lot of dates and picnics in the park.

    And the skinny thing…I get people all the time, “what should I do for my “. So I tell them the exercises and add “and clean up your diet”. Know what most of them say, “Oh, my diet is good and I already do those.” I smile and walk away.

    I’ll post mine over there on my blog, around the corner.

  2. Yeah, I know the sunscreen thing, just bugs because when I worked at the pool I would see it all the time. That is why I screen us before we get in the car! Then I don’t have to bother doing it there.

    Good point about the “me time.” Never thought of looking at what is like “before kids.”
    Looking forward to reading yours!!

  3. I thought of another one; LISTEN UP people- A LOT (as in “there was a lot of food”) is TWO words, not one. Here is an easy way to remember it- A LOT is two words, just like A LITTLE is two words!! DRIVES ME CRAZY!! I know, I need a life.

  4. If we want to get into spelling & grammar ones, I could write a huge post about all the stuff that annoys me in that area, but I usually just don’t bother correcting people because I don’t want to look like a jerk.

    Since we’re talking about it though, probably the #1 for me (as far as spelling & grammar goes) is “you’re” vs. “your”.
    * “You’re” is a contraction; it’s short for “you are”, and the the apostrophe takes the place of the letter “a”.
    * “Your” is the possessive pronoun (similar to “our” but with a “y”), and possessive pronouns do not use apostrophes.

    If you’re into this kind of thing, there’s a pretty good podcast that I listen to called “Grammar Girl” that usually takes one common quirk or misunderstanding per episode and explains it.

  5. i usually attribute things like your/you’re to a simple typo, rather than ignorance. everyone learned the rule in elementary school, so i really doubt it’s an actual mistake.

    i hear people all the time pronounce it “ec cetera” so i know many don’t know.

  6. I see it too often to think that it’s a typo; I think it’s more likely just people not thinking about what they’re writing (There’s another one, actually – “they’re” vs. “their” vs. “there”)…

    Maybe that’s the same type of thing as a typo and I just see it differently. Either way, I’m not going to put anyone down about it – just mentioning it since the subject came up.

    I think you’re also probably right on “et cetera”; most people probably haven’t looked into it or haven’t heard that commonly used example line from “The King and I”.

  7. Since we’re on the subject of words and wording, ETC. I am totally annoyed by “I could care less”, which is wrong…it implies that you still care a little. The correct terminology is “I COULDN’T care less” implying you do not care AT ALL. There. So noted.

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