I Love Garage Sales!!

This morning I woke up early (for a Saturday anyway) and decided to go check out the garage sales. Glad I did! I went to about 6 garage sales but only bought at two of them. The last one was the “jackpot.” I got three bags full of girlie clothes for only $9.00. Check out the photo to see how awesome a deal I found. Yes, they were all clean, not stained and from a non-smoking house!Library - 2724_1.jpg

6 responses to “I Love Garage Sales!!”

  1. 🙂 Looks like the Crepe Lady from Boise, not stuff you bought this morning. Am I missing something? Luv, Dad

  2. Yes, I put the wrong picture up at first… long story, thank goodness I have a computer geek to help me out!

  3. I was driving around and saw “the sign!” It was a lady who had one daughter who is 4 now. She’s the only daughter, niece, grand-daughter… so she was getting rid of a bunch of clothes. She had newborn all the way to 3T!

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