Kidfest… thumbs down

 We went to Kidfest on Saturday and it was a big fat thumbs DOWN this year. We went last year and it was pretty fun, this year not so much. Here is Avery “fishing” for a cool flipflop bracelet. That was about the only thing she “did.” The other booths were all advertisements for companies and stuff. No food this year… weird! There wasn’t much to “do” there unless you paid $3 for a carnival ride.

So we walked to “The Carousel,” spent $5 in 45 minutes. It was a kind of ghetto Chuck E Cheese with a really cool carousel.

There was  a VERY ghetto “roller coaster.”  Avery loved it and rode it twice.  She kept telling us it was like “swing  at the park.”

She and Dan “stepped on the bugs” too. Her reaction time was a little too slow… she had help!

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