Hapy Birthday- again

Since we were all in Palm Springs together we celebrated Avery’s birthday- again. We went to Chuck E Cheese. This was a remodeled one, and it was fancy. There was a stage with a “green screen” for the birthday parties, there was DJ booth with Chuck spinning some tunes and little TVs for the kids to “edit” the music videos.

We had a coupon for pizza, drinks and 100 tokens. Yes, they still use tokens there. I definitely like the tokens better than the card. 100 tokens kept 3 kids busy for 2 hours!

6 responses to “Hapy Birthday- again”

  1. careful she might want that to be a yearly tradition…..that’s my kind of celebrating…i personally do a birthday month.

  2. Why did they do away with the tokens?
    I had been saving mine up for years, and then I went to play with my nephews and poof! No more! Boo hoo!

  3. I know! I hate the card. That what was so great about this CEC in PS. The kids had to come back after spending each token to get another one.

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head: it’s easier for the kids to spend more money faster this way. They’d probably also say it’s easier for the kids not to lose a single card than a cup full of coins that spills as they run around, but I think the real reason is the extra money they probably make.

  5. Also, with the cards they can track what you spend the tokens on, so they can use that info to do all sorts of things; plan the store layout better, sell stuff to you more effectively, etc.

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