new school

There is a new school in Camarillo. Sounds just like VCSAGE- the school Stryker’s want to get in to. It’s called CAPE (Camarillo Academy for Progressive  Education)! They are accepting “applications” now.

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  1. Seriously? Los Senderos (as on “open” school) hasn’t been open that long. PVSD is closing 3 elem school and one middle school! Their numbers are WAY down- cost of living is too high in Camarillo.

  2. I am trying to find some info on this new school. Have you heard much about it? If so, where can I find some? What do you think about it?

  3. Here is the link to their site;
    I don’t really know much, but it seems similar to the VCSAGE here in Ventura. There are so many changes in PVSD. Do you have kids in school already? I do have an email address for a lady who is involved in “setting up” of this program. LMK

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