Get cookin’ good lookin’

This is Avery’s “big” present. All Dan needs to do is put it together!

I’ve got a great story about the price.
I bought it a while ago because Target was getting low on them, and I knew if I waited to buy it, they’d all be gone- that was $80. Even at that price, it is pretty good. I checked out the plastic kitchen and they are over $100 for the cheapest ones. Sure enough a few weeks ago, it went on sale for $50! So, I had to buy it again and return it with the old receipt. Of coarse, you can’t leave Target with spending a mint and I had a coupon for $10 off if you spend $100, so I ended up getting the kitchen for $40!!  She better like it!

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  1. nice….my kids LOVE their kitchen. We have the plastic one that is double-sided. One side a kitchen and the other a BBQ. Wish mine was that cheap! I think just the plastic food and plates cost that…but it was the only one James would allow because it had a bbq…but seriously don’t know what we ever did without it. Plus, I love sitting up their and having savannah pretend to brew me coffee and make cookies.

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