I don’t see this working

I saw a lady with one of these at the mall. I can’t imagine it being very comfortable to wear. Where is the diaper bag? What about all the junk you need to carry around and if you buy something?

Why not get the stroller out?

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  1. why not just use a baby sling. That is the most ridicolous thing I’ve seen. Plus, I can’t even carry the damn seat after a month….if someone I know buys that and uses I will make fun of you! People and their need to be clinging to their children.

  2. Yeah, that is pretty ridiculous. Maybe you’re supposed to strap your diaper bag over your shoulder and hang it the opposite way to balance you out and keep from falling over…

  3. A woman with six girls at the y has something similar. It comes with a specific car seat that is narrower and MUCH lighter than a regular one. She likes the system because it gives her two free hands to hold the two youngest girls hands. The fact that it is narrower makes for the ability to actually buckle multiple carseats into one row in a car. I agree that for most people it is impracticle and they should hold their kid, but in her situation it actually makes life possible. (granted, who needs six kids?) 🙂

  4. If you’re going to go to all the work to tether the car seat and get around yourself, you might as well use a sling or just put the car seat in a stroller.
    How does the lady with 6 kids carry in her gym stuff and diaper bag?

  5. each of the girls is reponsible for their own bag. they just come for swimming lessons or dance class, so mom doesn’t have her own stuff. I think the diaper bag is hung on the other shoulder.

  6. If it was $5.99 I might be interested, carrying the carrier up and don our stairs is killing my forearm (I stick my arm through the carrier’s handle, like carrying a basket). Other than that I think you’d only be able to run quick errands and only when the baby is little. In our case 8 weeks!

  7. I don’t think you are a very fair and bias person sara. The guy wanted to give the thing for an eval, and you keep cutting the whole issue off. This is a one way blog, if it doesn’t go your way you delete. How cozy.

  8. Hello Sus- I thought the comment from the guy was SPAM- fancy that! Linuxgrl isn’t interested, her kid is the hulk and too heavy for it. We know a few people with newborns though…
    How on earth did you know that some guy commented on having someone test it out? Are you spying on the comments I need to approve? WEIRD.

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