Wife Swap Anyone?

I would love to see YOU on Wife Swap…

Season after Season ABC TV’s Wife Swap cast families with great personalities, great stories and families that love to have fun. If you and your family want to experience an exciting adventure together. Then families series ABC’s Wife Swap is for you.

We are currnetly casting for our 3rd season and looking for potential families. For more information please write or call to ,

Look forward to speaking with you soon!

12 responses to “Wife Swap Anyone?”

  1. i’m out…i hate cleaning and doing my own crap….heck if i’d switch for a week with some wacked out lady.

  2. if i were to present my life to millions of people, i wouldn’t want its contents picked apart and twisted into something “marketable” by a sadistic hollywood editor. these days, my dignity goes for a lot more than the $50k or whatever they offer. 🙂

    of course if you asked when i was 19, i woulda said, “sure! i’ll do it for free!” as a matter of fact, i did! 🙁

  3. I don’t think any of us lead a “weird” enough lifestyle to even try out except for… no comment!

  4. Blogs are different, because you have editorial control over them. In the TV show, they can make you look like a complete idiot even if you only have minor idiot tendencies, whereas on a blog you can still make a complete fool of yourself, but at least it’s all your responsibility.

    Nathan, what are you talking about when you refer to the incident when you were 19? Is it that Jay Leno thing?

  5. Oh yeah, and I don’t think I would want to swap my excellent wife for someone who they would most likely choose to be the least “compatible” in order to make the show more interesting / entertaining.

  6. yeah, the leno thing. although, i’m not so worried about being made to look like an idiot (my blog does that just fine). i’m more worried about a show making me look like a bad person…or like someone folks wouldn’t want to know.

  7. Yeah, that’s what I would be afraid of too. On the few episodes I’ve seen of that show, it seems like they usually try to find people who are likely to get into heated disagreements (which usually ends up happening, since it’s usually based on one person judging the other family on how they raise their kids) and then emphasize the worse parts of that exchange. I think I’d avoid that, if I could.

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