Are you one of these people?

Lisa recently posted that she is a “follow the rules” person- well, so am I. I always
return my shopping cart, I use my turn signal all the time (maybe too much) and I always park in a designated parking spot.

When I pick up the kids after school there is a red curb about 10 feet on either side of the cross walk. There are always people parked there to pick up there kids. Sometimes they stay in the car and sometimes they actually park and walk across the street to get their kid. There is a sign there posted “No parking during school hours.” There is even another sign that has the times posted on it “between 7:30 and 3pm.” The police and metermaids have been out a few times and given out a few tickets.

I figure I parked and walked myself up the hill (a little hill, but a still an incline) the whole time I was pregnant and when Avery was in the infant seat. If she was sleeping I lugged the dang carrier thing up there.

I get to the school early enough to get a decent place to park. Even when I get there 10 minutes before school is even out there are people already parked in the red zone, by the crosswalk. It drives me CRAZY! Usually it is the same people.

If you are one of these people that park in the red zone where it is obviously posted, then please tell me WHY? The only reason I can think of is, if your young child were alseep in the car and you didn’t want to leave them locked in the car… but there is a designated place to sit in the car and wait for your kid- a driveway type thing.

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  1. There is a type of person who thinks the rules apply to them only some of the time. I deal with about 60 of them daily, some of them never grow up and out of it.

  2. i tend to break rules where the detriment to other humans doesn’t exist. that is, if the curb was red and my car wasn’t in the way of anyone else, i wouldn’t mind parking there. then again, if there were ton of folks there and people weren’t parking in the red, i wouldn’t either, because that’s setting myself up as being better then everyone else.

    kinda like if there are a few cars stopped at a red light, obviously going straight but blocking my entrance into the right hand turn lane, i don’t mind passing one (or maaaybe two) before the official space to do so. however, if there’s a long line up of cars, i don’t pass on the right and i get pissed when assholes (usually in german cars…go figure) zip by a dozen cars as if there better than everyone else.

    i do, however, always return my shopping cart, and usually a few others. i especially like returning the carts of other people when they are still getting into their car. so they can see that i — with my toddler and four year old in tow — don’t see it as an inconvenience at all to return the cart they couldn’t be bothered to deal with.

    rules are meant to serve people and i don’t mind breaking some if it’s done wisely and with consideration of how breaking that rule might effect those around you. immature is breaking rules just for the sake of breaking them, but i think it can be wise to not let rules alone govern your life.

  3. I’ve never really thought about this until now but I think I am a regular rule breaker!! Perhaps teaching 14 year olds all day does that to a person. I jump all over them if THEY break a rule and while I am in school I try to be a good example. However, as soon as I am out the door and in my car I’m the one passing from the slow lane!
    I guess it’s time to do some life evaluation!!

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