comments from a 9 year old

D:  I really don’t want Hillary Clinton to be President.

Me: Why is that?

D: Because she is a woman!

(I think he is repeating what he heard somewhere… hmmmm!)


D: I love waffles. I want to have waffles for breakfast.

Me: Great. Are they the frozen kind?

D: No, I make them myself!

Me: You make batter and use a waffle iron?

D: Huh? I use a the toaster oven.

Me: You know you can make waffles by mixing a batter and a waffle iron, kind of like pancakes…

D: Oh… I think I’ve seen that before…
(He had no idea waffles can be made from scratch! We had a similar conversation about two years ago about chocolate chip cookies! Moms- please show your kids that not everything comes out of the freezer or a bag from the grocery store!!)

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