Avery has a bit of a runny nose and congestion right now so to help her
sleep we gave her some de-congestion stuff. It was pretty sad watching her try to suck her thumb and not be able to breath through her nose!

So I put the dropper in her mouth for her to suck the stuff out and then I put the dropper back in the medicine. Why? She is sick with germs! Why on earth do we put the germy dropper back into the medicine to use next next time? I just realized how silly that is.

5 responses to “Dropper”

  1. I’ve always thought that too. Even if its just for teething the saliva still has tones of bacteria. OSHA would not approve!

  2. One lady told me she would get the stuff out with the dropper then put it on a spoon then give it to her kids. We are kind of moving on to the other kind of medicine dispensers- the ones that are like a big spoon that you can take apart then you can wash in the dishwasher. Another lady was telling me that viruses you only get once then your body has immunities so you can’t get the same virus again… Kind of makes sense. But be carefull that only one person uses that medicine. From now on I will be more careful and wash out whatever I put in her mouth.

  3. you figure the only time you’re gonna give them this stuff is when they’re sick…I wouldn’t think old germies would bring back old colds, but then again there are those repeat offenders (strep, mono, etc.) Hmmmmm something to ponder for Pierson’s first cold. We got one of those kits with the dropper, spoon thingy, thermometer, etc. Everything dishwasher safe, COOL!!

  4. Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about re-catching the same thing from the medicine dropper, because in the short term their immune system will have already ramped up to fight off the one they just had, and in the long term the virus / germ would not be able to survive that long just sitting in a bottle.

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