Airplane Safety

We will be flying soon and so I am checking out a bunch of stuff about
on airplane safety. I have found 2 new “gadgets.”
This is called GOGO Kids Travelmate. It costs $90 plus shipping. Seems like it would be nice to have in the airport since you can use it as a stroller type thing, but then you don’t have a stroller when you get where you are going.

This other one is called CARES. It is about the same price! It’s just a harness that goes around the back of the seat and then you strap the kid in! Then you don’t have a car seat when you get where you are going.

I guess you just have to decide which you need when you get there.

Why didn’t I think of this? It is so simple!

2 responses to “Airplane Safety”

  1. we’re taking advantage of quinn being under two still and just counting him as a lap baby. then i’m renting carseats with the car rental when we get to portland. yeah, i’m sure the plane ride will suck, but we’re hoping for the best.

  2. Avery will be sitting on our lap too- the last time. Then my parents have a carseat there and we bring our stroller. I was looking for the future to figure what we want then hopefully find it on ebay or something.

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