Snow Day

On Friday, I tried to write about the snow the mall was going to have and all the other cool stuff that was going to be there, but it didn’t work.

Dan, Avery and I went to the “snow & play” at Pacific View Mall on Saturday. We went at about 4 (parking was CRAZY, we parked out behind Mimi’s Cafe). There was separate part for kids under 5, which really should be for kids 4 and under. Avery liked it, but she didn’t want to hold the snow (which by then was ice chips because it was so warm) and she kept slipping. Then we headed to the “Main Stage” where B95.1 was playing music and there was dance floor. Avery got on the dance floor and did a boogie! I was waiting for the ballerinas to dance… and finally they did. It was a dance school from Santa Paula and there were about 6 performances total, not all ballet. Then the “Hula Girls” dances and that was cute too. We ate dinner at the mall an watched the fireworks from the balcony.

That is longest time we have ever spent at the mall and all we bought was some food!

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  1. we tried going to. but wegot there when it first opened. they didn’t even have the snow in the younger area yet, and they had it set-up different this year. Last year you could just let the kids jump in and play, this year they had that area gated, there was line….a really, really long line. So we got lunch and left to run errands.

    We are going to trya nd take em’ sledding instead….glad somebody got to enjoy the snow.

  2. I wanted to go later so we could see the tree lighting and stuff. It worked out well. The area for the younger was way too small, hopefully they will make it bigger next year. All in all it was a lot of fun for a free thing at the mall!
    Sledding sounds fun. Where will you guys go?

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