The Season is Over

The season is finally over! Last night was the Championships and I think that  the Bridge team ended up 5-5. Which  isn’t all that bad since most  of these guys haven’t ever played together while the other teams have for years and years. Avery and I went to all the games we could and pretty much had fun at every one. The Lipperts brought hot cocoa, kids brought bikes & scooters, Julie explained all the crazy rules and we all brought blankets! Dan is going to play again next season. We’ll be making  pom-poms and  colorful signs for next season… maybe even paint our faces… we’ll see!

4 responses to “The Season is Over”

  1. Brooke- too made you won’t have your big ole belly by then. That would have been fun to paint.
    NAS- no need to go all out for the team. You’d paint them anyway.

  2. It was fun watching our guys play softball against the Bridge. I don’t know if we’ll be seeing you next season- I don’t think Randy’s made up his mind about whether he’s gonna play yet. I hope he does though!

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