Tubing @ Bogus Basin

We had the opportunity to go tubing at Bogus Basin, a ski joint, in Boise. We had a great time. By “we” I mean, Dan and I, my niece Lacey (8 yrs) my other niece Tori (13 yrs), my sister Glenda, my other sister Mardi and her hubby Jim and one of their two sons, Jack, (age 3 yrs). Josh (1 yr) got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for the afternoon, you have to be three years old to go tubing. The way it works is, you make a reservation (early on, like three weeks early!), for a two hour block, we were from noon to 2. They only sell 100 tickets per two hour block. So, it was busy but not too crowded where you spent a lot of time in line. The cost was $12 for adults, kids $7 so, a little bit more than going to a movie. The weather was great, sun shining, not too cold (of coarse we were all bundled up) but the wind would pick up every so often and blow ice chips rite into your face- painful!
We had a great time. Dan had his video camera so he got some good footage. He has the video on his bog, check it out. Fun times with family!
We went to the lodge afterwards for some hot chocolate! YUM!
Can’t go tubing in Ventura…


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  1. There were guys at the top of the hill that told your group when you could go, they didn’t want congestion at the bottom of the hill, or have someone in their tube run over someone walking to get in line! At the bottom of the hill you got into a line that took you back up the hill. Each tube has a rope attached to it with a rubber oval at the end. When it’s your turn you put the rubber oval in a wooden stake, and the machine comes around and scoops up the rubber oval, dragging you up the hill. You are sitting in the tube at this point.

  2. Nope, can’t freeze your a** off in Ventura. Darn. But only a couple of hours away you can.

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