18 months…

Avery had her 18 month “well baby” check up this morning with the new pediatrician. My only complaint about the new doc is that I was there for an hour and 20 minutes- ridiculous! They took us in 15 minutes late, did the weight and temp… then took us to another room for the actual appointment. Seems a bit weird to transfer us-not sure why they do that.
Anyway, here are Avery’s stats; weight 27.5 pounds & 33.75 inches, her head circumference… who cares? That means she is a huge- as big as the average 2 year old. She did have to get a few immunization shots- both in her leg- OUCH! She didn’t get the flu shot- I am not totally sold on it yet. She got her toe pricked to find out if she anemic or not. And we got a prescription for a fluoride/multivitamin.

Avery loves dogs. She will point out any dog, real or not. She will point and say “woof, woof.” The only shows she’ll watch on TV are Clifford and Curious George. Which is fine by me since PBS has them on quite often. She doesn’t have too many words yet, but they are coming slowly… we hope.

Here is a picture of Avery having lunch with “the girls.” And another picture to show weird she is- wonder where she gets that from!

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  1. It was great to see you guys at the game last night- Avery is getting so big- and she is a doll!!!

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