Busy Halloween Season…

We had a busy Halloween season. It started on Sunday when Avery wore her costume to church. She wore the first ladybug costume.
We went to a costume party at  a friend’s house on Monday. Really it was just a get together to see all the kids in their costumes.

On Tuesday we went to Barnes & Noble for storytime. Most of the kids wore costumes, but we didn’t.  We stopped by Dan’s work in the afternoon to show his coworkers (Meredith) her costume. We even got the mall for an hour for their trick or treating. I really liked it. You could actually SEE the costumes and there was more that just candy, some stickers, pencils, small toys… That night we stopped by Hoby & Stacy’s to say “hi” and get some hugs.

Then we finally ended up at the Baratte’s for some food and trick or treating. Avery only got scared once, from Cole’s Alice Cooper makeup. She was pretty scared too, all he did was walk into the room! He was banned from the kitchen for a time!

So Avery got to wear her costume a few times and ended up with not too too much candy that Dan and I “have” to eat! Hope you guys had fun too and took some good pictures.

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  1. Those are cutepics. And those red shoes will match the color I believe of the wedding dresses.

    Hugs Jenn

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