We took off to Hawaii for 8 glorious days!! The best part is that the kids had no idea we were even going on a trip. We packed on the sly and acted like there was nothing different going on…

We got the kids up way early and took off driving. We stopped in LA for breakfast- IHOP, one of Avery’s favorites. She thought we were going to Legoland, we wouldn’t give her an answer. When we got back in the car she asked if we were getting on an airplane since we were right by LAX. We still wouldn’t answer her. After we parked in lot C it was obvious we were getting on a plane, but she had no idea where we were going… It was great listening to her ideas of where we were going. Belgium, China, Boise and Hawaii were her ideas.

Here we are riding the bus to the airport. They still have no idea where we are going for the next 8 days!!

When we got off the bus at our terminal, Dan had to ask where to go and the guy said, “all Hawaii flights….” That’s when she knew where we were going. The look on her face was priceless! She looked at me and I said, “YEs!! We are going to Hawaii!” She was jumping up and down, so excited!

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