Golden birthday

Avery recently celebrated her “golden” birthday. All birthdays are special and important, but the golden birthday is super special. The morning of she came downstairs to her new “birthday doll.” I received these growing up, then my niece (who’s 14 years younger than me) got them, and now I get to give them to Avery.

Birthday girl!!

Sawyer and I took a treat to share with Avery’s class. It was fun listening to the kids sing Happy Birthday In Spanish and English. One student sang it in German and another in French. We took in these super small ice cream cones at Trader Joe’s. It was the perfect little treat. After the the treat each student wrote a note to Avery and drew a picture. When the students were all done, the teacher stapled them together to make a book. She loves this book.

This is the note Avery wrote to Sawyer & I during class while the kids were writing her a note.
Avery's choice for dinner was, Joe's Crab Shack. Does she love crabs or fish? NO! She loves that there's a playground and an awesome dessert. The last time we went there was last year for her birthday dinner!

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