Do I do that?

Avery loves to talk with the phone; the play cell phone, the play “real” phone (meaning it the handle is attched to the phone) and the real phone of coarse.

  Does she see me or Dan talking on the  phone that much? I don’t think so, since I do a lot my talking on the phone in the car!

She picks up the phone and says “hello.” Funny.

2 responses to “Do I do that?”

  1. Kids and their phones… Tanner and his (a real one with no service that Papa gave him) are inseperable. He talks on it even while eating at a restaurant (which I don’t do, by the way!) I think some of it they try to imitate you, and some is just their little take on it. A friend of mine works during the day, and sometimes has to take work calls at home. Before he was one, her son would imitate her on the phone by holding the phone to one ear, and plugging the other end with his finger so he could hear!
    I love these pictures – she’s multitasking – getting dressed and chatting!

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