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This afternoon my mom mentioned the Peter Rabbit tea set…. yeah, where is that? My sister knew right where it was in the garage. She got it out, she and Avery unwrapped each piece. I hadn’t seen this tea set is 20+ years. I actually remember pouring hot chocolate from the teapot into the tiny teacups. I was excited that Avery would have the opportunity to use it too. Wow, the teacups are really tiny!!

Avery & Aunt Glenda unwrapping the pieces to the Peter Rabbit tea set.

After unwrapping the tea set, Avery & I decided we needed to have a tea party right away. We set to work… First we had to decide on the menu- toast & mini fried cheese, hot chocolate and Oreos. A well balanced tea party, sort of!

Avery made the mini fried cheese almost all by herself. This was our first time making them, so we didn't know if they'd turn out, they did!! They were super yummy- we'll definitely make them again.

Our spread! It was a fun tea party, just me and my girl.

Enjoying an Oreo with her "tea."

Cheers!! Don't forget- pinky out!!

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  1. That’s crazy; I remember we had dishes like that too. Not sure about the tea pots, but I definitely remember having the plates and bowls and cups with the Peter Rabbit stories and art on them just like that.

  2.  We used the large plates and bowls thoroughout my childhood.  I’m sure my parents still have them. Does your mom still have yours, Jared? 

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